Investing in School Readiness
Our Approach

Our Approach

Fairfax Futures is uniquely positioned to foster cross-sector collaboration in support of early childhood education and school readiness in our county.

We raise awareness about the critical role that quality early childhood education plays in promoting academic and lifelong success.

We bring together business, education and government leaders to explore issues related to early learning and school readiness through our business outreach.

We support the professional development of early childhood educators who work in partnership with families to ensure young children’s school readiness in our county.

Fairfax Futures offers early childhood educators training opportunities, mentoring and classroom resources. Among our Programs are the Annual School Readiness Symposium, a mentoring initiative, and a multi-faceted initiative on incorporating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in early childhood classrooms.

We foster increased collaboration with our schools, county and community to help prepare young children for a smooth transition to kindergarten. We help sustain replicable models that promote systemic change in support of early education and school readiness.

Fairfax Futures collaborates with partners in government, the private sector and within the nonprofit community to support the goals and objectives of Fairfax County's Equitable School Readiness Strategic Plan, adopted in 2017 to ensure the school readiness of all children in Fairfax County, regardless of economic, cultural or ethnic background.

Through the Neighborhood School Readiness Project, we forge relationships between local schools, community resources, early childhood educators and families to ensure that children are well prepared for a smooth transition to kindergarten.

We advocate and forge partnerships with business, government and community to ensure a continuum of high-quality educational opportunities for children in Fairfax County, beginning at birth.

Fairfax Futures lends its voice and advocates on behalf of accessible, high-quality early childhood education.

Our organization engages with local, state and national chambers of commerce and other business organizations that recognize the importance of early education as part of a comprehensive education agenda and as an investment in a ready workforce for the future.

Our goal is to raise awareness and build support for quality early childhood education and school readiness in Fairfax County.

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