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STEM in Early Childhood Education

STEM in Early Childhood Education

Fairfax Futures collaborates on programs that promote early education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  The STEM Ready project provides STEM learning opportunities and resources to early childhood professionals interested in engaging young children in STEM experiences. As an outgrowth of the STEM Ready Project, Family STEM Nights invite families to share in STEM learning experiences with their children, guided by the educators in their early childhood education programs.

Fairfax Futures and its partners also have created tools for educators and families to use to support children's early STEM learning experiences. The publication, Building STEM Connections in Early Childhood, highlights developmentally appropriate STEM-related activities and concepts for educators and families to use as they nurture young children’s passion for discovery. In 2017, the organization also released a series of four short videos that illustrate how educators can use children’s literature and experiences in nature to develop children’s critical thinking and other essential skills that support life-long STEM learning.

STEM booklet cover

Click on the cover to view or download Building STEM Connections in Early Childhood.


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